Silver Conelet Pinecone Necklace
Silver Conelet Pinecone Necklace
Silver Conelet Pinecone Necklace
Silver Conelet Pinecone Necklace

Silver Conelet Pinecone Necklace

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I found this tiny cone on a trail run and was so enamored that I went on a wild goose chase to properly identify it. After diving into a VERY deep internet hole (which may or may not have included google searches such as “teeny tiny pinecone” and “little baby fir cone”) I was successful. Behold! An adolescent conelet of the Pinus Strobus known as the Eastern White Pine. All thanks to a vintage illustration from an obscure forestry database. And of course I couldn’t stop there- once I got an ID, I collected the various growth stages of the cones, from branchlet terminal bud, to yearling cone to ripe mature cone. Conelet. That’s the actual scientific term- could there be a more perfect name?! Clearly, I NEEDED to immortalize it and wear it forever. So, I cast it in sterling silver and simply strung it upon a delicate beaded chain. With such lovely natural intricacies, who needs anything else?


  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Real White Pine adolescent cone foraged by me & cast in sterling
  • Each cone measures around 6mm x 12mm
  • Strung on an 18" sterling beaded chain
  • Tagged with my maker's mark for authenticity
  • Handmade in Massachusetts in my personal studio

I have chosen high quality materials to create a piece of artful jewelry that will last a lifetime. Although crafted with the adventurous spirit in mind, please take care while wearing my pieces as natural stones can be delicate. To prolong the life of your piece, I suggest you remove it while swimming, hiking, rock climbing, cliff jumping, skydiving or whatever other crazy and rigorous adventure you find yourself on!

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