Pinecone Hoops - Natural Kingman Turquoise and Sterling Earrings
Pinecone Hoops - Natural Kingman Turquoise and Sterling Earrings
Pinecone Hoops - Natural Kingman Turquoise and Sterling Earrings

Pinecone Hoops - Natural Kingman Turquoise and Sterling Earrings

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Simple little hoops made with Natural Kingman Turquoise and two petite pinecones, cast from the real things. These beauties truly go with everything.


  • .925 Sterling Silver, marked to ensure authenticity.
  • Natural Kingman Turquoise
  • Lightweight 3/4 inch hoop, 22 gauge wire.
  • Handmade in Maine in my home studio. 

KINGMAN: Located in Kingman, Arizona, the area has quite the history, containing some of the most far-reaching prehistoric workings found in Arizona. The ancient mines were first mined by the Native Americans and then rediscovered in the 1880s. The modern mine is surrounded by the Cerbat Mountains and is known for producing light blue to dark blue gemmy turquoise veins, with the occasional tint of green. Stones exhibit a very fine matrix with colors ranging from white to light brown to black. It is considered by many to be the best turquoise in the world, and is very hard to find in its high-grade form- thus making it a highly sought after stone.


while these may just look like simple little earrings, they’re far more special than that…

These lightweight hoops feature two petite pinecones cast in sterling silver & suspended amongst a bevy of bright turquoise beads. I foraged these tiny adolescent Red Pine cones two years ago, from the top of the VERY SAME peak we now ski on the regular.

We too had embarked on a ski tour that day, our first time to the glade. We had experienced a day that truly showcased the magic of Maine, & I had a pocket full of tiny momentos to cast & create into jewelry. That was one of the many days that convinced us that we belonged in Maine.

I finally kept a pair of these for myself & they quickly became my everyday earrings. I rarely take them off- and they are perfect for adding a bit of flair in the backcountry, whilst staying on & staying put under a ski helmet or hat.

Little did I know that now, present day, I would be wearing those very same earrings whilst whirring past that very same tree on that very same mountain near our brand new house in the very same state that we get to call HOME!

How full circle is that? 


FOX TURQUOISE: The Old Fox mine is located in Lander County near Cresent Valley, Nevada. It was first mined in prehistoric times by the indigenous people, who used the large nuggets in adornments and ceremonies. In the 1940's, Dowell Ward purchased and developed the old Cortez turquoise claims and since, it has has been one of the largest producing mines in Nevada. Fox turquoise is quite stable and runs from shades of green to an aqua blue color.

I have chosen high quality materials to create a piece of artful jewelry that will last a lifetime. Although crafted with the adventurous spirit in mind, please take care while wearing my pieces as natural stones can be delicate. To prolong the life of your piece, I suggest you remove it while swimming, hiking, rock climbing, cliff jumping, skydiving or whatever other crazy and rigorous adventure you find yourself on!

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